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RimSavers Wheel Protectors

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If you’re looking for maximum wheel rim protection, RimSavers are the best product. Featuring our most durable material, RimSavers are light, strong, and resist tearing on impact. RimSavers are also perfect for DIY’ers, with a guide “lip” on the top side of the blade that offers extra protection as well as easy install.

  • Kit includes enough material to protect 4 wheels up to 24″ in diameter each
  • RimSavers are perfect for newer rims with a flat face
  • RimSavers are backed by a 1 year, no questions asked guarantee

Available Colors:

RimSavers kit includes

Kit includes 4 cut strips that fit up to a 24” wheel. Cleaning wipes and adhesive primer wipes ensure a long and lasting bond to the alloy wheel surface. Joining clips and glue are provided to finish the installation. 12 colors available.

RimSavers include a 3M® brand cleaner, adhesion promoter, and gel super glue. Here are the safety data sheets for each product:
Prop 65 WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Why RimSavers Wheel Protectors?

Because Repairing Your Wheels Is Expensive.

Most new cars have aluminum alloy wheels, which are easy to damage yet difficult to repair. Curb damage repairs are expensive – as much as $150 a wheel – and repaired wheels don’t always look the same afterwards.

Because They Look Great.

RimSavers are easy to install, and because they attach with adhesive, you can remove them whenever you want.

RimSavers come in 10 colors, with red, white, and black being the most popular. You can use them to give your vehicle some extra style, or you can buy them in black so that they protect your wheels while blending in with your tires.

Because We Use The Best Materials

We use premium quality adhesive. RimSavers are made from a proprietary material that can both absorb rim damage and stretch to prevent rim scratches. Our material is also UV protected to reduce color fade. Our designs are patented. We provide top quality surface prep pads.

Obviously, all this quality doesn’t come cheap. But it’s our quality that allows us to guarantee your RimSavers purchase.