2009-2013 ZR1 Corvette Overview

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2009-2013 ZR1 Corvette Overview

Lyle at C&S Corvettes gives an overview of ZR1 Corvettes between 2009 & 2013. Join this fast growing Corvette community on Youtube by clicking the SUBSCRIBE button, click the bell for new video notifications and don't forget to SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!

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Video Transcript: Hello everybody welcome back to C&S corvettes in Sarasota Florida I'm your faithful YouTube host Lyle and I'm here to talk to you about a special special car last week i did a video about all the special editions of the c6 corvette and I left out one just for you that I'm going to talk about especially because it was truly a one of a kind car and that car would be the c6 zr1 but before i get started with that please take a moment to like and subscribe to my channel which again helps me bring you more content the more customers I get the more followers I get the more time I can commit to giving you guys information about our favorite cars so that said and thank you in advance let's get down to talking about the c6 zr1 in 2009 gm introduced the most powerful car it had ever made and that says a lot because back in the 60s especially man they made some ground pounders some stuff that was just unbelievably powerful but this car was on another level this would be the 2009 zr1 corvette it was a car that had a top speed of 205 miles an hour legitimate from the factory okay nothing else that gm had made shh nothing else that really anybody had made could keep up with that car it was the first real American supercar 200 mile an hour plus car that we had seen in America ever it was powered by the ls9 supercharged v8 it had 638 horsepower it came only in a six-speed manual uh it had an aluminum frame like the z06 so lightweight in fact with all the additional electrical accoutrement and all the additional power that car only weighed 170 pounds more than the super lightweight z06 and when road and track tested the car they said that they could not believe the difference between track time in a z06 versus track time in a zr1 because the car was so much better settled and metal sorted for the track they had expected it just to be a faster z06 when in fact the zr1 should prove to be so much more than that there was a heavy use of carbon fiber in this car the hood was carbon fiber and it had a polycarbonate window in the hood that you could look down and see the intercooler which was neat because back in that day everybody wanted a window that they could see the engine in and while it wasn't a mid-engine car like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini you did have the window and you could see the engine which was really kind of cool the carbon fiber was also used extensively in the fenders the roof panel the roll bar the front splitter and the rockers and here's a little bit of corvette trivia for you the uv protective coating coating they had to put on all of that naked carbon fiber that wasn't painted like the hood of the fenders that stuff cost this is the real number fifty six thousand dollars a gallon fifty six thousand dollars a gallon for the uv clear protectant that went on those carbon fiber pieces uh you don't to knock that bucket over while you're working right uh the car was also fitted with massive massive Brembo brakes that had been sourced directly from Ferrari uh the front brakes were carbon ceramic and they were 15 and a half inch rotors in the front from the Ferrari fxx club racer and there were 15-inch carbon ceramics on the back straight from the Ferrari Enzo so talk about world-class pedigree these brakes were unbelievable especially when they got nice and hot they would grip and they would not fade and they would really bring the car to a stop faster than any other gm vehicle that had ever been made the magnetic ride control what we call the f55 was standard on these cars and it was tuned specifically to the zr1 and it did some special things like when you were doing launch control on the zr1 it would actually shut down the dampener so there was no rebound on the rear shocks during launch so that the car would stay planted in the rear and get the best bite possible to get off the line which with 638 horses going to the rear wheels was no mean feat to do well 0-60 time was 3.3 seconds which at that time was lightning fast gives you pause when you think about the base 2020 c8 does it in 2.9 but that's mid-engine for you and that's a whole other video we can do uh it did the quarter mile an 11.2 seconds which was really haul in the mail it also did 1.1 g in cornering so basically it would pull your face off when you made a hard turn uh it was the first corvette that was offered from the factory that was over a hundred thousand dollars for its base msr msrp but for the car you were getting there was nothing else like it in the world that could run with it not for twice the price in all honesty um they found it to be more nimble and more planted than the z06 because of that f55 suspension even better than the z06s that had f55 which was only available in z06 in 2012 and 2013. uh they also came with Michelin's uh sport ps2 tires which made a huge difference in the grip levels that this car could attain especially on the racetrack these cars today are still very very special they only made 4 684 of them and they still command a heady premium back two to three years ago you'd start seeing them dip down into the 50 thousands because now we had the c7 z06 that had more power and was better and was newer and all cooler and all that stuff but since the pandemic hit and used car prices have all gone up we've seen the 09 to 13 zr1 start to creep up in price and I'm now seeing them 70 75 even higher thousand dollars for a nice example if you were to get one of these cars i ask you to do two things number one take it to the track and use it because that's where that car was born to be in fact when you bought one new from the factory you actually had to take a driver's course it was part of the package that you got when you bought the car where you would go to one of two schools either in pahrump Nevada or in Tempe Arizona where you would spend two days actually learning how to drive this car the way it was meant to be driven if you have one of these cars you get one of these cars please go learn how to drive it in the way it was meant to be because it's truly phenomenal at what it does if you have one of these cars if you have additional questions about one of these cars or if you want to just send me a picture of the one you've already got I'd love to see it you can reach me at Lyle@corvettepartscenter.com or just comment below and I'll get back I do my best to answer every comment that comes through i hope you all have a wonderful weekend we'll see you next week


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