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In today's world, very few Corvette shops have an extensive vintage parts inventory, produce innovative products, sell Corvettes AND have a service center.  We are proud to be one of the few left in the world that do!

Since 1974, we have been a full-service Corvette shop.  We specialize in Corvette-specific repairs and fact, the only things we DON'T do are paint/body work and high-performance tuning.  We believe in doing the things that we are the best at, and trusting others to do what they do best in those areas.

When your car is one of our "patients", it gets the individual attention that it deserves.  During each visit, your car will be photographed from all angles before being brought into Dr. Ray's service bays.  As Ray performs his repairs, every step of the process is photo-documented before, during and after.  Ray also records notes specific to your car that are kept on file in our system for future reference.  Best of all, you receive your very own VetteTracker....a custom C & S Corvettes USB device that contains every photo, invoice and note regarding your Corvette.  It is updated every time your Corvette visits us, so you have a real-time and up-to-date record of the "health" of your Corvette.  No more musty file folders with receipts, silverfish and coffee stains!  Best of all, when it comes time to upgrade to your next Corvette, the VetteTracker is a fantastic resource (and selling point) for the next owner.

Contact us today to schedule your Corvette for repairs or improvements!

5317 Ashton Court., Sarasota Florida 34233 • Tel. 800-886-5064

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