C7 Corvette Special Editions

C7 Corvette Special Editions

Lyle continues his series on Special Edition Corvette models with the C7 Corvette. Watch the entire video or jump to these sections: 20K hat winners: 00:20 C7 Special Editions: 1:00 2014 Premier Edition: 1:48 2015 Atlantic vs Pacific: 2:42 2016 C7R Z06: 4:45 2017 Grandsport Collector Edition: 6:11 2017 Grandsport Heritage Edition: 6:50 2018 Carbon 65 Edition: 8:25 www.CorvettePartsCenter.com

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Video Transcript: 

Hello everybody welcome back to C&S corvettes in Sarasota Florida this is your buddy Lyle and I am up with a new interesting video today we're going to be talking about the special editions offered during the c7 model run between 2014 and 2019. before we do that though i want to congratulate the five people who won hats in our 20 000 subscriber contest that we had uh first of all thank you for everybody who helped get us to that level we're looking forward to getting to thirty thousand forty thousand all that but twenty thousand was huge for us the people who won the hats uh I've sent you all emails or replies through YouTube if you could email me your address I'll ship you a hat the winners were Miguel Collette jack Gardner Ron mason Steve Hobs and Peter Carey congratulations everybody and we'll be looking forward to doing more little giveaways like this as things go on before i get into talking about the c7s though I'd like to remind everybody that if you haven't already done so please like and subscribe down below here because that's what helps us build our channel and we make a little bit of money off this not much but the little more we make here and there the more videos we can take time out of our regular workday to do so i always appreciate new subscribers extra likes extra comments whatever you can do and thank you in advance all right moving on to the special editions made in the c7 product run there were a lot of them if you saw my c6 video on the same thing for that product run there were a boatload of special editions well they really didn't slow it down very much going into the c7 they kicked it off right away in 2014 when the car was introduced with what they called the premier edition the premiere edition was a specific vin sequenced special edition that was more about the fact that you had the vin number and you had some special corvette accessories automatically got z51 with the package several colors were available the most popular color though was blue there were 500 coupes made 550 convertibles i think the most interesting part of this particular premiere package was the coupes were all manuals except for one automatic and the convertibles were all automatic no exceptions kind of interesting when you see that one off in any given year on one thing you talk about a rare car man that's one of one of one so that's that was pretty cool um moving on to 2015 they actually made two different special editions kind of uh competing editions if you will gm has an atlantic design studio and a pacific design studio obviously on either coast uh to kind of tap into what's popular and what the taste is what the desires are for that part of the country well each design studio was given its own chance to design a special edition corvette for 2015. the Atlantic convertible design was basically a luxury gt kind of like the the nicest most luxurious plushiest uh grand touring car you could make out of a c7 corvette they only made 17 of them uh all colors were available but some of the characteristics involved with them where they had a z06 front splitter they had shark gray vents they had a stinger hood graphic custom trim and what was kind of neat they had custom luggage just like some of the famous Italian automakers so way to go there the second edition that they offered by the pacific design studio was a coupe design called the pacific coupe design there were 97 of those made that was a much more track focused car it was available with two lt or three lt trim levels it had satin black racing stripes down the center it had red brake calipers z51 wheels black with a red stripe around them they had carbon fiber ground effects carbon fiber interior trim and competition seats that can be had in red or black so again uh just the same car but more focused for people who would want to take their cars out and actually use them on the track another rare car i mean not nearly as rare as the 17 but 97 still a very rare car and they didn't have anything particularly special performance wise about them but if you like the design and you wanted something unique you could certainly get it in 2016 they brought out one of my personal favorites the c7r z06 edition they made 650 of these cars they were available in cooper convertible they were available in yellow or black uh which if you got one in black man come on it's a c7r get it in yellow that's yellow they all had black wheels with yellow stripes they had yellow calipers they had visible carbon fiber and a carbon fiber hood they also came with a c7r car cover which if you've never seen it i didn't find a picture of it to post in this video but look it up it me when you wrap that onto your existing c7 it looks just like a c7r it is so cool i also had the z07 package and a little plaque on the inside with the race winds for the c7r now that is pretty neat and it was exclusive but it was also an almost 24 000 option yeah that's a lot um i mean it's neat but that's a lot especially when you're not talking special engine special transmission just a bunch of add-on bits granted you had the best brakes you had the best this and the best that but still 24 grand i mean we're talking like 50 percent of the guys the price of the car so i was like eh i love it though i love it but i would have never paid that for it moving on in 2017 we had the grand sport twin editions one is called the collector edition uh it was Watkins glen gray with tension blue hash marks and tension blue interior this is a very vibrant like scuba gear blue if you've ever seen one of these cars you're gonna know it's a lot 935 of those were made 2017 also saw the introduction of the grand sport heritage package which is truly my favorite c7 corvette ever made why is it my favorite you ask because while it was available in virtually any color they made you could get it in admiral blue now that color is important because in 1996 when they made the grand sport it was admiral blue with a white stripe down the center and two red hash marks on the left fender with black wheels i always thought that was the coolest best looking c4 they ever made so when i saw that they were coming out with a grand sport heritage package where they recreated that look i was really excited especially with that torch red interior man my favorite one if if i could have a corvette stretcher and just pull the car about that much longer where i could get in it i would totally own one but they don't so i can't anyway they made 3863 of those in 2017. interestingly it wasn't limited only to 2017. that available was uh that option was available in 2018 and 2019 they actually ended up making 6801 grand sport heritage packages black or red interior were the two choices uh because you had so many color choices on the cars you had six hash mark color choices that you could pick from and one cool detail uh they actually had right on the inside of the near the radio on the inside of the interior they had matching brushed aluminum hash marks just right there on like if you touch your hand on the radio and moved it to the right you'd be touching those hash marks super subtle design but really really neat finally we come to the 2018 model year now they didn't have any special editions in 2019 because after all they introduced the zr1 which I'm going to do a video on that carl by itself because it's just bonkers so the last regular production special edition occurred in 2018 which was the carbon 65 edition there were 650 of these made they were available in grand sport and z06 trim they were available cooper convertible and here's kind of the way these cars fell out they had a special paint called ceramic matrix gray and they had these really cool blue door and fender graphics blue calipers tons of carbon fiber components all through the inside and the outside of the car jet black sport seats with suede inserts and blue stitching and they had a carbon fiber steering wheel this was a really unique color because it was not quite white and it wasn't quite gray and depending on the lighting it looked different wherever you saw it but it always looked really menacing it looked like a purpose-built anger machine and i know that they bring really really strong dollars today I think that that is one of the coolest looking cars they made granted not nearly as cool as the grand sport heritage with the admiral blue but I like the carbon 65 because it's so clean it looks like it's a a tool that has been meant for a very violent purpose that's the way I see it anyway that is the special editions they offered in c7 model years if you own any of these cars and want to comment about how much you love them or hate them or if you have things that you think I forgot or special things about these cars that i didn't mention please mention them in the comments below I do read all the comments and I try to respond to everybody that I can I look forward to seeing what you guys have to say I hope you have a great weekend and I'll be back with more stuff next week thank you

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