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Corvette Performance Hint

Video Transcript: Hi everybody happy Friday and happy Cinco DeMayo this is wild c&s Corvettes in Sarasota Florida here doing my weekly podcast and this week's subject is one about performance I have so many people who come in here to my shop to visit me and the first question is how do I make my c5 my c6 faster well it's already a very fast car and they look at me go now no I pull away from the light I get into it won't even turf the tires I said ah you haven't pushed the magical buttons that is not hey two snakes are chasing your car that button is your traction control button located in your center console in fact here's one right here right in front of your armrest if you have a c5 or c6 and you've never driven that car after having pushed that button I can tell you that you do not know your car the true performance your car is really hindered by all the electronic babysitters the tracks control very active handling the ABS that are put in place to keep you from doing something stupid but if you really want to go do something stupid which is usually what makes people smile real big you have to turn it off now back in the olden days meaning the 90s when traction control first really became something that we were all dealing with there was a mechanical connection between your gas pedal and the throttle body and when traction control went in it would actually push back on your foot you feel your gas pedal push back at you so you know that it was active well c5 c6 c7 Corvettes are all fly-by-wire there is no physical connection between your pedal and that throttle body so you don't know when it's active if you turn this button off push it once it'll come up on your screen that says traction control off in fact on c5 if you hold the button for five seconds it will put it in competition mode which will give you some tracks control but still allow you to do some really silly things your car will be an animal like you've never driven before people come in here they're like oh I really want supercharging I want turbocharged you want a bigger engine I say have you driven it after pushing this button they sit down I pushed about my Seiko drive for comeback for 15 minutes and then tell me what you think and they come back with their eyes like this because they had no idea what their car was capable of this I will tell you if you are not used to performance driving if you are not used to doing smoky burnouts in a car I highly recommend it the first time you do push this button and decide to really get into the gas you do it somewhere without trees dump trucks pedestrians small animals anything that could hurt the car or anything that you could hurt with the car because when you get into the gas and smoke starts coming from those tires you'll start feeling it back in go like this happens it's natural the idea is you stay in it and eventually that waggle goes away the wheels grip and you go forward the panic reaction most people have is they lift their foot off the gas when the nose is pointed off to the side of the road and their tires grip and it shoots them off into the woods go to YouTube there are hundreds and hundreds of videos of people in specifically Corvettes doing exactly that so when in doubt stay in it don't lift your foot beyond that be careful have fun and I will see you next week any questions that you want me to address please get a hold of me at or call me at 8800-886-5064 monday through friday 8 to 5 be happy to help you offer I can until next week be careful don't drink and drive this weekend.

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