Let's talk about C5 & C6 Gas Support Struts

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I need to talk to you guys about something fairly serious today, and this is not a joking matter. As we age, we notice that certain things just don't work quite like they used to. Things may not be as reliable or rigid as they once were, if you know what I mean. And it's something we just have to accept and do what we can to combat it.

Clearly, what I'm talking about here are gas support struts on your C5, C6, or C7 Corvettes. These guys are the things that hold up your hood, your trunk or rear hatch, and even the flip lid on non-power Corvette Convertibles. The fiberglass piece that opens up when you put your top down and then close it. Some of you may have cars out there and didn't even know that you weren't supposed to hold that thing up to put your top away. Well, guess what? There are guys like this (showing a strut) in there, slightly smaller than this one, that hold that up.

So, if you have a C5 Coupe, you have a pair of these that hold your hood. You also have a pair of these that hold your rear hatch. They are always in stock and easy to replace. It takes about 10 minutes.

If you have a C5 Convertible, you have a third set of these that's holding up your tonneau cover. So, if your hood, when it's in its full upright position, can be lifted with just two fingers and it shuts down, these struts are bad. The same goes for your trunk lid or hatch. If you have to push the release button and then struggle to lift it up by digging your fingers into that little groove, it's time to replace the struts. And if, when it's all the way up, you can just use two fingers to bring it down, your struts are worn out. Go ahead and get new struts. You'll like it a lot better.

The tonneau cover of the C5 Convertible follows the same rule. If it isn't going and staying up by itself until you push it down, you need these struts.

The same thing applies to the C6 Coupe and Convertible, as well as the C7. Currently, I carry all of these on my shelf, and they are $59 a pair shipped anywhere in the United States. Just click on them, pick your location, and let me know what kind of car you have. You'll get the right pair every time. It is the single best thing you can do to make living with your car a little bit easier. You won't have a hood falling on your head, you won't have to be a ninja warrior throwing yourself up to put your convertible top down, and you won't have to break your nails trying to lift the trunk lid just to put your golf clubs away. It's super inexpensive and super easy to do.

You can find them on my website, corvettpartscenter.com. Just click on the C5 or C6 section and find these struts. It'll tell you exactly which ones you need. They are available for $59 a pair anywhere in the United States. Super easy, and you won't get a headache when your hood falls on you while you're checking your oil. It's a good thing.

Thank you for watching, and let me know if you need them. Thank you.

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