Simple tool to help you in and out of your C5

Hey, everybody! Welcome back to C&S Corvettes here in sunny Sarasota, Florida. It's your Corvette buddy Lyle, and I have some quick but valuable information for you today. We're having a busy day at the shop, so I don't have much time for an in-depth video, but I promise one is coming next week. We'll be diving into the story behind those stripes on the Grand Sport, something I mentioned back in October. I've got my script and pictures ready for a fantastic presentation.

Thank you for your patience. But for this week, I want to address a topic that's been coming up a lot in my shop lately. Many customers, particularly those with mobility issues like walkers or oxygen tanks, have been asking for tips on getting in and out of their C5 Corvettes more easily. While I've covered this before, it's worth revisiting as more people are acquiring these cars for the spring season.

First off, let's address the incorrect way to enter the car. You don't want to approach your Corvette, put your backside against the back of the seat, and slide your way down. This can damage the leather and break the seat's bolster. Instead, here's the correct method: Face away from the car and lower yourself into the seat. Once you're seated, pivot your legs into the car. Now, here's where GM has provided some assistance. Notice this ledge right here? It's a hand ledge that can be used to push yourself up when getting in and out of the car. It offers additional support, making the process much easier.

If you still need more assistance, there's a handy tool available that can help. It's similar to a car safety tool and includes features like a seat belt cutter, flashlight, and glass breaker. But the most important part for our purposes today is the handle on this tool. Keep it within reach next to your seat. When you're ready to exit the car, insert it into the loop that locks the latch in the door. Now, you have a handle to assist you in getting in and out of the car. It can handle a significant amount of weight and makes the process effortless. But remember, when you're finished, remove the tool and keep it next to your seat. Leaving it in place while slamming the fiberglass door can potentially damage it.

I found these tools available on Amazon, and they're currently on sale for about $12. I've included a link in the video description if you're interested. This inexpensive tool can make a big difference for someone who has difficulty getting in and out of their Corvette, especially if it's a model from 1997 to 2004.

That's all I have for you today. I look forward to speaking with you next week with a much more in-depth video on the Grand Sport stripes. In the meantime, stay safe and have a happy Easter!

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